2021 Bathroom Renovation Trends in Sydney

One thing the year 2021 has taught us is the importance of creating a home environment that is a warm and welcome refuge from an unpredictable world. While we can’t experience the luxury of travel quite so easily, designers tell us that modern bathrooms will be all about creating a sanctuary at home.

The lockdown has allowed us to re-visit the importance of creating a warm, inviting, and comforting home. Saba Renovation, the best bathroom renovation company in Sydney undertakes home and laundry renovation projects which are often a top priority for homeowners.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is certainly one of the favourite rooms to renovate in the home. It’s where we begin and end our day, and is one of those spaces where a renovation can really elevate the home as well as positively impact a family’s lifestyle to truly create joy in their everyday. 

Trends can be fleeting, and some stay around longer than others. Remember, a bathroom renovation is an investment, and the longer-term should factor into the bathroom design process. Balance functionality and aesthetic, prioritise practicality and always incorporate colours and styles you will enjoy living in long term. Also, hygiene remains a priority this year, and the bathroom sees some hefty traffic, so hygienic and easy to clean surfaces are a leading trend for bathroom renovations in 2021.

So, what bathroom trends should you incorporate for this year’s bathroom renovations?

Luxury of a hotel

The bathroom trends in 2021 have evolved from a year of lockdown as travelling to new locations and visiting new cities have been barred as of now. As a result, the trends have shown a desire for hotel-inspired bathroom spaces that can be enjoyed all year round. Choose what will be of practical use to you and your family. Incorporate colours and styles that you love. A bathroom renovation is an investment and should be designed with longevity in mind.

A bathroom somewhat like a day spa is still popular but hotel luxury is what most renovators are aiming for. Hotel-styled luxury bathrooms are designed with space in mind. They are visually impressive with the use of bold tapware and lavish fixtures, pared-back with a neutral colour scheme. Again, with limitations on travel and growth in the wellness sector, everyone wants a luxury spa/hotel bathroom experience at home. All-white bathrooms continue to be extremely popular and create a spa-like feel that is serene and clean. Steam rooms and saunas are also becoming regular fixtures in bathrooms. Consider fixing your appointment with a well-deserved and the best bathroom renovation company in Sydney.

Cooler tones are getting more likes

Instead of opting for your standard grey tile, all of the beautiful stone-like colours are more popular now. People are opting for something that is just slightly warmer than a grey.On the contrary, woodwork won’t be disappearing from bathrooms anytime soon.The wooden tones will always hang around in a bathroom. They do a great job of warming up a space and taking it from stark white to something with a bit of life in it.

Literally setting up sanctuary in a bathroom

Wellbeing and comfort are of even greater focus when undertaking a bathroom renovation project in Sydney. With travel stalled, Renovations in the capital are seeing more of a demand for bathroom renovations that offer a luxury spa experience at home. Homeowners are literally expecting more from their bathroom renovations these days. To this day, bathroom renovators taking more of a wellness approach and creating an environment that is just as much about unwinding and relaxing, as it is about everyday personal grooming.

Bathroom renovators are focusing on creating a space that is calm and relaxing as well as functional. Neutral bathrooms continue to be a trusted favourite among the clients, and a neutral bathroom scheme is more conducive to creating a serene environment. Renovators are also seeing a higher demand for steam rooms and saunas that are believed to become a standard fixture in bathroom renovations in the future.

Double showers

With bathrooms becoming spacious, the shower spaces are doubling in size with room for two to shower at once. The wet room bathroom style has been around for a few years, however, the double shower has evolved as a must-have in bathrooms. Some have even forgone the bath. However, removing a bath and opting for a double shower in the main bathroom could be a deal breaker for families needing a bath if you decide to sell. Average bathroom renovation cost may not be too expensive if you decide to work with a knowledgeable and trusted home renovator that serves the bathroom as well.

Fluted glass

The newest trend in 2021 for bathroom renovations is ribbed-glass shower screens and dividers. Chic without obscuring views and sacrificing light, provides subtle texture. Another new take on the shower screen is the black-gridded shower panel suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathing spaces.

Large tiles and simplicity

Gone are the days of mixing countless textures in a bathroom. Rather than covering every surface in a different tile, the 2021 bathroom design will lean more into having one beautiful large-scale tile on the walls and floor as opposed to having a mix of different colours and textures throughout.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, you may not find a dedicated company that serves only bathroom renovation services. The companies are bound to deliver other services as well along with bathroom renovation. Therefore, choose honestly and smartly when hiring a team for renovating your bathroom. As a rule of thumb, look for companies that also offer home renovations in Sydney. This is because they have the entire knowledge and are equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery required for bathroom renovation. They will design and work on your bathroom that blends with the existing space.