The Best Ways To Make Small Bathrooms Look Bigger

In case your house is fairly small, in most cases, the bathroom get in the building suffers due to lack of space. It’s not possible to include more windows or relocate large pieces like shower, bathtubs etc. Therefore, it’s a quite challenging task to make the space bigger as there are certain factors to consider. So, how will you transform your small bathroom into a big one?

Recessed lighting fixture

Lighting is the best way to make your bathroom look bigger. It is one of the easiest and least expensive consideration. Make sure that you add more lighting in the corner with recessed lighting. By doing this, you will not cover up precious space or make the same look too busy. Consider adding a number of wall sconces to prevent taking up space. Floor lamp and other illumination that need to place on the floor can make the room look jumbled.

Include bold colors for accessories

As the bathroom is smaller, make sure to add bold colors into the accessories. Traditional bathrooms used to have wallpapers or tiled walls with dark colors. In such cases, the room looks smaller due to dark and rich colors. Instead of going the traditional way it’s smart to choose something lighter or neutral. These include beige, light gray, white or light tan. However, if you want to add a bit darker color go for a pastel version. Consider consulting with a bathroom renovator in North Strathfield to choose the best way of redesigning without compromising the budget.

Bathroom renovation is a task of smartness and thus, must be dealt with the professionals from SABA Renovations.

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